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“Getting quality care for a loved one is one of the most difficult decisions many families will have to make. Whether your loved one is recovering from an illness, requires long-term care and support, welcoming a new baby, or nearing the end of their life’s journey, ensuring they are receiving exceptional care ULTIMATELY becomes the top priority for many families. As the Chief Executive Officer of Your Care Matters Healthcare Agency, LLC. I firmly believe in setting a vision of support and service that is both EXCEPTIONAL & ETHICAL. I am committed to ensuring our agency works to meet the needs of our customers and communities we serve. Quality healthcare support is a non-negotiable at Your Care Matters Healthcare Agency, LLC. and we would be happy to provide you or your loved one exceptional care that matters.” 

Anthony Reynolds B.S, SHRM-CP


Anthony, a Philadelphia native, was quick to see the inequities in homecare & healthcare services for individuals & families within the city of Philadelphia & surrounding counties. As a result, he questioned the standards of today’s Healthcare systems and moved to create a new approach toward providing families & communities EXCEPTIONAL home/health care that matters. In the year 2000, Anthony’s mother was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease, Lupus. Being his mother’s only child, he quickly learned and understood the need for so many to rely on quality healthcare, and this became the catalyst for launching his own Healthcare agency to ensure families and communities are receiving the critical care they both need & deserve.

Anthony Reynolds holds a Bachelors of Science Degree in Finance from Hampton University. He is a certified Human Resources Professional obtaining his certification from the highly regarded and prestigious Society for Human Resources Management national certifying body. Anthony has dedicated much of his career in service to children both locally & nationally as a Talent Acquisition professional, staffing critical roles such as Teachers, Teacher Coaches, Principals, & School Counselors. Anthony is also a licensed Real Estate Agent in the State of Pennsylvania where he is afforded the opportunity to deepen financial impact for the clients he serves.

Meet Britney

“Excellence – No Excuses!” is my motto. This was a guiding principal school leadership instilled in the students of Mastery Charter high school. Since then, this powerful slogan has guided me! As an Owner/Operator of Your Care Matters – Healthcare Agency, I want to ensure we stand by this same notion! Excellence – No Excuses! I firmly believe it is important for our agency to be Dependable, Relatable, and have an unwavering commitment to providing excellent service to our consumers!

Britney Waller, LPN


Britney was born and raised in North Philadelphia. She grew up in a diverse environment with many adversities. At age of 19, she became a mother for the first time. For many, having a child at such a young age could mean a life of struggle and hardship, but determined to provide for her daughter, Britney decided to start a career within the medical world as a medical assistant. For 11years she acquired knowledge and skill sets that helped to develop amazing relationships with her patients and colleagues.

In 2008, Britney’s grandmother was diagnosed with Myeloma Carcinoma Cancer. With the help of her mother, they cared for her for years until she transitioned. During this time, Britney was able to see many issues with the healthcare her grandmother received. Unfortunately, her

grandmother’s homecare services were less than stellar, and really underscored the lack of exceptional care so many patients both need and deserve. It was then that she decided she wanted to be a part of the solution and began to take the necessary steps to ensure families receive the care they deserve.

In 2018, Britney advanced her career by becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse. As a nurse, she has expanded her medical skill set and deepened her knowledge around quality health/homecare. Britney is uniquely positioned to bring her nursing background to the homecare space, and can effectively guide her employees to ensuring EXCEPTIONAL care for families and communities at large. Together, Britney and Anthony are a leadership team centered

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